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Newspeak House is a space that hosts public and private events for researching the intersection of Politics, Media and Government -

A community space for political technologists - -

It has a residency programme of fellows living onsite, who contribute to the life of the venue. There is a large reception space at ground level, a living room and kitchen with terrace on the first floor. The second floor and third floors accommodate the fellows -

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133 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG

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# History

Newspeak House was founded by Ed Saperia in 2016.

I am fortunate enough to own a building in Bethnal Green, and I am proposing to use it to launch a new institution to focus on this problem. At the core of this will be a fellowship programme. From an open application process, the best technologists will be selected for 6 month residencies.

They will spend that time researching and experimenting, seeking out failings in the current system that can be improved and gaps that can be filled, and help to break silos between organisations that are already working on these problems. The space will also host relevant meetups and events, where they can get input from the community and discuss their findings.

Edward Saperia -

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